Kirsten Dunst's idea for ''Spider-Man 4'' -- Mary Jane has a low-budget idea for the next film

Nobody knows what the next Spider-Man movie will be like. Kirsten Dunst, however, has a plan. Here, she tells EW her vision for an eye-opening Spidey 4. Is she serious? The jury is still out.

”The idea I had for the fourth Spider-Man is to do it low-budget. Do the special effects kind of janky, like Evil Dead-style. Mary Jane gets pregnant and has, like, eight babies — like a spider would. The movie would be kind of like Rosemary’s Baby. You’d lose some of your kid audience, but you’d get this whole other audience. And you’d make so much money. You’d spend what, like, $10 million at the most? They could go back to Sam Raimi’s original kind of vibe. I proposed it to Sam. I think he might be into it. Also, I think we should set it at the time the original comics first came out. That would be really interesting.”

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