The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

By Vanessa Juarez
Updated April 20, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

+ Has Edward Norton been hit by gamma rays? The Illusionist star willplay the lead in The Incredible Hulk — no relation to the 2003 flick — directed by Louis Leterrier (Transporter 2). It’s a departure for the actor, who was unavailable for comment. But in 2005, he did tell EW: ”A friend said, ‘If you could imagine yourself in a superhero costume, we could buy an island.’ But I just can’t do it.”

+ Filmmaker Rob Marshall (Chicago) will retool the Broadway hit Nine for the big screen. Inspired by Fellini’s 8 1/2, the musical follows a director who’s tormented by six women. ”It’s a myriad of rich characters,” says Marshall, who’ll cast by doing ”detective work to find out who can sing and dance.”

+ Smallville‘s Eric Johnson will star in Flash Gordon, a new Sci Fi series premiering in August. ”Flash is a regular guy doing extraordinary things,” says Johnson. ”He’s part Han Solo, [part] Indiana Jones.” — Additional reporting by Daniel Fierman