By Mandi Bierly
Updated April 19, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Let’s make this week’s Confessional a feel-good one, shall we?

Last weekend, I found myself debating with friends whether their friend, who’d just bought a Ferrari the same model year and color as Magnum, P.I.’s, was crazy. Now because the buyer is only a friend of a friend, I’ll just say this about the motivation for the purchase: Magnum meant a lot to him when he was growing up. (The verdict, in case you’re wondering: still sane.)

From there, we segued into a discussion about a DVD I’d recently reviewed, How William Shatner Changed the World. It’s a Shat-hosted documentary (which you may have seen on the Discovery Channel), that explains how Star Trek literally inspired some of today’s greatest technological advances. For instance, the inventor of the cell phone, peeved that he could never get from his patio to the kitchen phone in time to answer it, got the idea one night while watching Captain Kirk flip open his communicator. Another noteworthy fan, NASA’s chief propulsion engineer, recounts how a Trek ep marked the first time he heard the words “ion propulsion” and thus shaped his career. To me, that’s TV at its best — when it sparks an enthusiasm or fascination that adds to your life.

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So, here are the stories we’d love you to share this week: What haveyou been inspired to do because of a TV show, movie, book, or song?Maybe you chose a certain profession, planned a particular vacation,took up a new hobby, or made a bold romantic gesture…

My confession: In college, I took two flying lessons because I loved that the guys on Wings (Steven Weber, front, and Tim Daly, with Crystal Bernard) could fly to another state for breakfast if they wanted to.

Your turn.

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