The 10 hottest topics for the week of April 20, 2007

By Scott Brown
April 13, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 Steven Spielberg reportedly still trying to lure Sean Connery to Indy 4 Given Connery’s changing needs, he’s now demanding ”Proshthetic Kneesh Galore.”

2 Keith Richards says he was joking about snorting his dad ”It was just someone’s dad,” he clarifies.

3 Donald Trump to use The Apprentice to sell Las Vegas condos He also has some end tables he’d like to get rid of.

4 Knight Rider’s KITT on the block The top bidder: KARR. ”It’s the equivalent of a Russian-bride thing,” he said. ”I’m just so lonely.”

5 Anna Nicole’s private diaries also for sale They reveal that we already know way too much about Anna Nicole Smith.

6 Jackie Chan’s Chinese reality show looks for successor Sighs Chan, ”I’m resigned to the fact that it’ll probably be Sanjaya.”

7 Dog Whisperer settles in case of allegedly mistreated dog As part of the settlement, he’s agreed to stop rolling the judge on his back for forced belly-patting.

8 Halle Berry angry at Parade over suicide comments It’s the most controversial thing to happen in ‘Parade’ since Marilyn vos Savant was exposed as a rampant Wikipedia-er.

9 Governor Schwarzenegger to eco-pimp ride for MTV The governor says the car will run on clean-burning girlymen.

10 Moms pick sons’ brides in Italian reality show And also in Italian reality.