By Annie Barrett
April 13, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Normally I wouldn’t be into a show featuring breast pumps and expectant parents’ love/hate relationship with the concept of the minivan. But all the Rachael Harris (pictured) action in the promos compelled me to check out Notes from the Underbelly and I have to say… I thought a lot of it was hilarious. The pace was quick, the food cravings were super disgusting and therefore awesome, and I didn’t roll my eyes at the central couple’s quirkiness even once! (How adorable is newcomer Peter Cambor?) To be honest, this show had me as soon as they name-dropped an odd obsession of mine, Nordstrom. “I’m not a loser. I play piano by the escalator.” YES.

As the two pregnant women’s sarcastic, power-single best friend, Harris’ role is crucial — it’s important to have both sides of the I’m Pregnant/No One Cares That You’re Having a Baby schism represented. And you had to love ABC’s cunning cross-promotion — when Harris’ character is getting… um, serviced from under the covers, she’s also fervently watching an episode of Lost. Cut to a different couple engaging in the same act, and the guy can’t stop checking the screen to watch Jack run into the ocean. Genius.

What did you think? Will Notes continue to rise above cliché and stick around?