By Annie Barrett
April 12, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

I’ve been playing this stupid game at Famousr on and off for about 24 hours now. They show pics of two celebs, you decide which is more famous, and you click on that person’s face. (Try clicking right on the person’s mouth as if to say, “Shut up!”) I thought with practice I’d get really good at this. Didn’t happen.The best winning streak I had was 14, and yes I do happen to know that’s pathetic. Then again, so is this game. Turns out the celebs’ “famous quotient” is determined by everyone else’s votes. Somehow, Mos Def is more famous than Dick Van Dyke, Brandon Routh is more famous than Liza Minnelli, and SIENNA F*#&ING MILLER is more famous than Lucille Ball. When I beheld the news that Dane Cook was more famous than Shirley MacLaine (pictured), I finally threw in the towel, hitting Apple-Q with a dramatic flourish like the badass I truly am.

Still, you might have fun with it. Here are some tips!
1. Everyone beats Allison Janney.
2. Pretend you’re a teenager.
(2a. Old/dead people don’t matter.)
3. As much as we all love Michael Bluth, do not click on him.
4. You’ll never get this part of your life back. Just a reminder.

addCredit(“MacLaine: Everett Collection; Cook: Jesse Grant/”)