By Joshua Rich
Updated April 11, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

My goodness, it was only a matter of time, PopWatchers: The Jackson Family finally has a reality show! I mean, there’s something so fitting, so… postmodern (I refuse to use the word “meta,” by the way, because, well, it’s not actually a word) about the entertainment industry’s original dysfunctional clan following in the footsteps of The Osbournes and Britney and Kevin and Anna Nicole. Just delicious!

Anyway, this new CBS series, Pop Dynasty, won’t be a kind of “living with” dramedy like the aforementioned angst-fests. Rather, Jermaine, Tito, and LaToya will help find the next big musical family via an American Idol-esque competition, with Jermaine fronting a panel of judges that will grade the contestants on things like, oh, probably, their singing abilities, their star potential, and their supreme weirdness. (Actually, I wish I were kidding about that last part, but it’s kinda true: Read the story.) The show marks a return to the reality genre for the now unrecognizable LaToya, who made a mark in the recent Armed and Famous (pictured); most popular Jack-sibs Mike and Jan, of course, probably won’t be involved, and there’s no word on the other sister and brothers, including the original Randy Jackson.

So, yeah, thoughts? Am I the only one who’s left in a state of shock by this report? Does Pop Dynasty — whose title bears a startling resemblance to the UK series Pop Idol — strike you as anything more than yet another shameless AI ripoff? Will you tune in? And, good lord, who does LaToya look like these days?