By Joshua Rich
April 10, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Live Earth

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Al Gore took another step toward sainthood — or at least becoming the next Bob Geldof — when the musical acts for his Live Earth concert extravaganza were announced today. As you’ll recall, the 24-hour, globally simulcast program will take place on July 7th (you know, 07/07/07, which symbolizes… well, I don’t know what) and feature scores of artists grinding out tunes in seven concerts on seven continents (oh, I get it now!) in order to raise awareness for climate crisis. The stars are a diverse lot, and, I must say, a pretty impressive one, too. Here are some of the bigger names:

Performing in London
• Beastie Boys
• Black-Eyed Peas
• Duran Duran
• Foo Fighters
• Genesis
• James Blunt
• John Legend
• Madonna
• Red Hot Chili Peppers

Performing in New Jersey
• Alicia Keys
• Bon Jovi
• Dave Matthews Band
• John Mayer
• Kanye West
• Kelly Clarkson
• Sheryl Crow
• Smashing Pumpkins
• The Police

So there you have it. Thoughts? Concerns? How do you think this lot compares to Live Aid’s 1985 roster? Or to that of Live 8 two summers ago? What about major acts like Madonna (pictured) and the Police roughing it with all sorts of flavors-of-the-moment? Where the bleep is U2? Maybe they’ll appear at one of the other five concerts, whose lineups have yet to be announced. Even still, will you tune in?

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Live Earth

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