I just returned from a grilled cheese outing at NYC’s Cosmic Diner with “colleagues” (at some point I’ll be able to use that word without quotes) Jason Adams, Michael Endelman, and Leah Greenblatt. For dessert? Jackie Mason slurping up matzo ball soup, just inches to our right!

We were going to just let this sighting slide. But then during a deep discussion of ketchup brands, including the hotly debated “hit the Heinz bottle on the 57” trick, Jackie became really engrossed in Leah’s assertion that organic ketchup sucks compared to regular ketchup because there’s nowhere near enough sugar. Seriously. Intrigued. From a certain angle, it looked like he actually shushed his female companion in order to hear more. If ketchup shows up in his next routine, he has us to thank. You’re welcome, good sir!

P.S. How awesome is the “Food and Drink” category on PopWatch?

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