By Mandi Bierly
April 05, 2007 at 08:14 PM EDT

Last Friday, I got talked into seeing Wild Hogs with my mother and her best friend, and… I laughed my heinie off. Now, considering I just giggled as I typed the word heinie (and then again when I went to to check its spelling), I recognize that my taste isn’t exactly infallible. But I do believe that this movie is legitimately funny. And that I should have had more faith in William H. Macy. And that maybe I shouldn’t have let 10 years pass between watching Martin Lawrence (pictured) movies.

Assuming you’re all still reading (Michael Slezak, you breathing?), here’s this week’s question: Which movie do you genuinely believe is underrated? We’re not talking guilty pleasures.* We already covered those in PopWatch Confessional (Vol. 8). (Special shout-out to my Troop Beverly Hills homies.) We’re talking about the sleepers that you think succeeded in their genre but haven’t gotten their critical or commercial due. As always, I offer a few to get you thinking:

  • Nothing to Lose. Otherwise known as the last Martin Lawrence movie I saw in theaters. My friend and I had an unintentional private screening. Are we the only ones who think Lawrence and Tim Robbins made a great buddy pic?
  • One Fine Day. As far as romantic comedies go, this Michelle Pfeiffer/George Clooney one is top notch. Right up there with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman’s While You Were Sleeping.
  • Speed How did they make a bus thriller work? Almost as surprising? That intense opening mountain scene in Sylvester Stallone’s Cliffhanger.

Your turn.

* Yes, “guilty pleasure” is a relative term, but seeing what people don’t consider guilty should be half the fun. My friend Tamara pre-nominated Overboard (borderline but acceptable) and Grease 2. Come on, now. While I’d rather watch it than the original, Maxwell Caulfield wears a gold biker suit and sings from the presume dead while standing on the top of a junk pile. GUILTY. My friend Eva, however, went with Final Destination and Josie and the Pussycats (both sanctioned), but thought She’s the Man was guilty. NOT GUILTY!