The booted ''American Idol'' singer reveals how she thought being the ''rocker girl'' would help her compete, how she bonded with the other contestants, and her love of the movie ''My Girl 2''

By Jessica Shaw
Updated April 05, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

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It’s not easy to go from momentum-building one-to-watch to dud-songed evictee in one week, but ”rocker” Gina Glocksen managed to pull it off when she got ousted from American Idol for her on-key but bland rendition of ”Smile.” But don’t cry for the 22-year-old tongue-pierced one. She’s happy enough to gloat about talking back to Simon, discuss therapy, and put in a plug for My Girl 2. Yes, we said My Girl 2.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You had such a great performance last week and weren’t in the bottom three. So what happened this week?
GINA GLOCKSEN: I had two really strong performances in the past two weeks and I think my fans were like, ”All right. We know Gina is safe. We’re going to vote for someone else because they deserve it too.”

To be brutally honest, I knew you were in trouble with your song choice. People liked seeing you sing harder, less sappy songs. Do you wish you’d gone more rocker girl?
I don’t know. What Tony Bennett song could I actually rock to? Also, I knew from the minute they said it was Tony Bennett week that I would sing ”Smile,” because it’s from My Girl 2 and I loved that movie.

I’m sorry, we’re going to have to take a break in discussing Idol for a second. My Girl 2? Really?
Yeah! I just love the song in it. You know, when Veda sang it to her baby sister? I was like, ”Oh my God. That’s so beautiful.”

I’ll take your word for it. It turned out to be an unfortunately prescient song choice. Was it hard to sing those lyrics (”Smile, though your heart is aching…”) after you got kicked off?
No — what a great song to sing when you get kicked off. It should be the new ”I’m Going Home.”

Do you think the fact that you became known as the ”rocker girl” hurt you because viewers couldn’t handle you deviating?
No. I actually thought being known as the rocker would work to my benefit, at least to get me into the top five. But…whoops!

When Simon said he couldn’t praise your vocals this week because other women sang better, you put him in his place. How good did that feel?
It was scary. I’ve been holding my tongue a lot. I don’t want America to think I’m cocky when I talk back, but I just really wanted to get that out. It really bugged me when he said that. Of course I don’t sound like Melinda. Of course I don’t sound like Jordin. But — and I wish I’d said this — they don’t sound like me, either.

But is it hard being one of the girls in the competition when people like Melinda get all the praise?
Kind of, but I tried not to let it get to me. If I and the other girls on the show were on bad terms it would really have bugged me. But I felt like, if it’s not me, why not them? Anyway, the main thing is I’m touring and that was my main goal.

When Ryan put you in a group with Haley and Phil, were you pretty sure you weren’t safe?
Yeah, right before Ryan went to commercial break, Haley, Phil, and I looked at each other and started laughing. Like, do we really need to wait until after the commercial to know which group is bottom three? We just knew.

But when it came down to you and Haley, you must have been a bit shocked.
I had no idea what was going to happen. I had hopes, but I didn’t know what to think. It was really hard.

Were you able to have a fun send-off night with the rest of the contestants?
I had to do a bunch of press last night and meet with the therapist on hand.

I’m kind of obsessed with the therapist. Does she just make sure you’re not going to jump off a building for getting kicked out? Is it a 50-minute session?
No, they just make sure we’re okay, ask how we are feeling, if we’re bitter, are we okay with what just happened. It’s more like having a parent there.

Let’s discuss your pink-streaked hair. Did you think of deviating in the coming weeks — perhaps green or blue?
I was thinking of dying it all black but my boyfriend was like, ”That’s your trademark!” And then after the third performance week I saw this little girl in the audience with pink streaks. I thought, ”I can’t dye it!”

Which contestants did you bond with the most?
My roommate was LaKisha, but I bonded with everyone on the same level. They’re all like my children.

Your children? You’re 22! What were you going to sing during the Jennifer Lopez-coached Latin music week?
I was going to do ”Everlasting Love” by Gloria Estefan.

You must be kind of relieved to be off right before Latin music week. The judges tend to get especially cranky during that week.
Well, then I guess I am glad. No, I’m really not. I wish I was there. Plus I’m a quarter Mexican so I would have been happy to show my Mexican side.

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