By Annie Barrett
Updated April 05, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT
  • 30 Rock has officially been renewed, despite low ratings. Guess what? We’re excited. So excited, that we’re going to play a round of the TGS writers’ favorite game, “Marry, Boff, or Kill?” Did you have any idea we loved this show?
  • Amy Sedaris and Tony Hale guest-star on a Web-only installment of Andy Barker, P.I. I love how Amy says “BACK in my life!” in the same way as Jerri Blank says “BACK in school!” in Strangers with Candy. Wow, NBC is really into the deleted-episode thing right now. But if something’s on the Internet, doesn’t it still exist? In a spooky, intangible way involving “bytes,” but still? Besides, watching TV at home from your La-Z-Boy is soooo 2006.
  • Comedians are just the silliest. Will Forte promised Saturday Night Live costar Amy Poehler he’d pay her $300 every time she spoke his name out loud on Kimmel, so she did so 52 times. (Watch the clip below.) I wish he hadn’t cut her off after she started making up complete sentences. No way is she getting that 15 grand.