What's going on with Izzie on ''Grey's Anatomy''? -- The good and the bad of Seattle Grace's model intern

By Whitney Pastorek
Updated March 30, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

What’s going on with Izzie on ”Grey’s Anatomy”?

Evidently unable to differentiate between ”friendship” and ”psychological warfare,” Izzie has become the mean girl of Grey‘s High, hijacking one of TV’s most enjoyable shows. Put her in a prom dress and lock her in the bathroom until she calms down.

How refreshing to focus on someone who comes out and says what she’s feeling — even to her superiors — and sticks to her guns. If Izzie’s upset, you know it. If she’s not speaking to you, you’re gone. But if she’s on your side, she’ll cling to your best interests with the tenacity of an angry panda and bake you muffins. Her uncensored emotions guide the actions of everyone around her, and her pain, loyalty, and love are the forces that drive the Grey‘s universe.

The Stevens brand of clumsy, oversize passion is never easy to deal with, but even in her ugliest moments, you gotta admit the girl keeps things interesting — and the exquisite acting of Katherine Heigl just makes adoration that much easier. (That awkward ”I believe” speech would have killed lesser women.) Forget the crabby lady with the voice-over: It’s Izzie’s heart that keeps Anatomy beating.