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By EW Staff
Updated March 30, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

America the Beautiful
We’ve never seen Ugly Betty (”Sitting Pretty”), but my 4-year-old daughter saw the cover and said, ”Mommy, this lady is beautiful!”
Brett Devlin
Beacon, N.Y.

Soldiers of Fortune
Maybe some women went to 300 (”Double-Edged Sword”) for the Queen Gorgo plotline. I did not. The powerful story of honor, courage, and loyalty hooked me. And there’s nothing like 300 half-naked, ripped men. Homoerotic? Maybe. Homophobic? Doubtful. Hot? Oh, yes.
Corinne Litchfield
Long Beach, Calif.

Smile and Nod
Your piece on Lily Allen (”Lily Allen Blows Up”) got me interested enough to check out ”Smile” on YouTube. I can’t believe I’ve hardly heard about this girl in the States. She reminds me of soothing souls like Lauryn Hill and Norah Jones.
Nadia Qadri
Baltimore, Md.

Fun for All
I was astounded by Stephen King’s piece about creating a Department of Fun (The Pop of King). Copies should be dropped by air over the whole country. We need ”Uncle Stevie” as president.
Dominic A. Rolla
San Diego

Reality Check, Please
It bothers me that the stars of Grey’s Anatomy — who get paid more per episode than most people make in a year — can complain about their salaries with a straight face (”Seattle Grace Under Fire,” News & Notes). Instead of Hollywood execs giving all this money to crybaby actors, why don’t they set up a fund to help raise the salaries of people who actually make a difference in our daily lives, like police officers, firefighters, and teachers?
Andrew Rappaport
Casselberry, Fla.


Joe Ristau of Lincoln, Calif., is so devoted to R&B diva Tina Turner, he actually has a ”Tina Room” to house all of his memorabilia, including every CD, recordings of all her TV appearances, autographs, posters, and, yes, trading cards. But simply the best is the five-foot cardboard stand-up from What’s Love Got to Do With It. ”He prays almost daily that she’ll go on tour one final time,” says his partner, Zack Turner. Don’t we all, Joe.