By Annie Barrett
March 23, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

I’ve watched both episodes of October Road, and I honestly think the only two reasons for this are: 1) I like shows about writers with egos and 2) I. LOVE. FOLIAGE! The promos, the show’s little orange-garlanded logo on, the road itself… everything is in earth tones. On October Road, it is always autumn, which I find magical! Really. I’m obsessed with leaves and there are so many in the show. Plus, quaint college town! Awww, college! I’m a moron.

The show’s pretty bad. None of the story lines make much sense — last night’s ep had “famous novelist” and grown man Nick (Bryan Greenberg, pictured) tossing pebbles at a college dean’s bedroom window, then serenading her with “Where Is Love?” from Oliver. There was some nonsense about a talking raccoon named Ralph, which made me want to… you know. And the lines… oh, the lines. At one point, we were treated to a list of items that are cold! Igloo. Polar bear. This show, despite the beautiful, beautiful leaves.

I should give it some credit, though, for the song selection. Last night offered montages of both Jackson Browne’s “The Pretender” and Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” If you turn off the video portion of this experience, it’s actually a pretty good show! Plus last night provided my catchphrase for the weekend: “Right. And I eat corn dogs for the corn.” Because I do. I even have corn-on- the-cob earrings.

Who’s seen it? Who’s planning on watching again? And might it be better if, instead of speaking, the characters just strolled along the streets pointing out things that were orange?