The ''Cry Baby'' director recently wrote his first children's film, ''Fruitcake''

By Leah Greenblatt
Updated March 23, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

Has the trashtastic auteur John Waters — once the fringy King of Bad Taste who championed the onscreen consumption of dog feces — gone mainstream? Yes and no. True, there’s the John Travolta-starring remake of Waters’ 1988 breakthrough film, Hairspray, out in July. And he’s helping prep a Broadway version of his 1990 film Cry-Baby. But he’s also starring in Court TV’s unusual new scripted series ‘Til Death Do Us Part (Mondays, 10 p.m.). And — get this! — he’s written his first children’s film, Fruitcake. How refreshing that, even at 60, Waters remains unpredictable — just like his personality test results.

1. The first famous person I befriended:
My parents took me on Howdy Doody when I was 8 years old, and I met Buffalo Bob. I don’t say we were friends, but that was the first celebrity I ever met.

2. In high school I was…
Insane, and wish I quit school. My friends were rejects from five schools that hung out and wanted to be beatniks.

3. The Rat Packer I most identify with is:
(A) Frank Sinatra
(B) Sammy Davis Jr.
(C) Dean Martin
(D) Peter Lawford
Sammy Davis Jr. was a one-eyed black Jew, which is almost impossible, so him.

4. If the TV’s on at 2 a.m., what are you watching?

5. Choose one:
(A) American Idol
(B) Dancing With the Stars
Never seen either. I read. I’m not saying that to sound intellectual; it’s how I relax.

6. The person I’m mistaken for most often:
Steve Buscemi. He and I talk about it all the time. One year my Christmas card was Steve dressed as me.

7. After a long day, I like to kick back with:
(A) Martini
(B) Cold Beer
(C) Pinot Noir
(D) Chamomile Tea
Every Friday night I’ll have a Stoli martini straight up with one olive. I’m like a coal miner with a paycheck.

8. The snack I smuggle into movie theaters:
Jujyfruits, the large box. I have them every Saturday. My favorite time to go to movies in New York is in the morning, alone, like a 10 a.m. show.

9. Do you have a workout regimen?
I must be the only gay man that’s never been to the gym in my entire life.

10. I will be having this plastic surgery in 20 years:
I’d have my ears reversed, the right one put on the left, the left on the right, for no reason.

11. What movie are you most psyched for?
I’m looking for Ice Castles 2. I would remake it where they’re blind and skating into walls. I’m not big on Hollywood-blockbuster remakes. They should remake the bad ones, not the good ones.