The ''Jersey Boys'' star has voiced 241 characters for the audio-book, ''Tell Me How You Love the Picture''

By Dave Karger
Updated March 23, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

How does a Tony winner try to score a place in the Guinness World Records? For Jersey Boys star Hoff, 38, it’s by voicing an unprecedented 241 characters (sorry, Harry Potter reader/current record holder Jim Dale!) for the audiobook Tell Me How You Love the Picture. Here, Hoff explains how he morphed into some of those A-listers for producer Edward S. Feldman’s (Witness) account of five decades in movies.

”That was a tough one. He has a higher voice than I do. And the way he talks is kind of manic and nasal. So I pitched it up a bit higher.”

”From what I know of him, he’s soft-spoken; when he’s not on, he’s off. So I did more of Jim Carrey’s underbelly, as opposed to his manic side.”

”Harrison is very dry and shy in his personal life, so the take I took on him was very matter-of-fact. I didn’t try too hard with that one.”

”Eddie called Feldman ‘the Man.’ If they were ready for him on the set [1986’s The Golden Child], he’d say, ‘Is the Man ready for me? Then I’m ready.”’

”She’s so over everything all the time. You just raise your eyebrows and draw up your voice a little bit and you nail Joan Crawford.”