By Annie Barrett
March 22, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Behold the last image on my TV screen before I left the house this morning. It told me, “Annie, today is going to be AWESOME!”

What’s it from? Guess.

That was fun. It was a 9 a.m. rerun of Charmed on TNT, of course. One second later, a dark, smokey, Lost-likemonster thingie swept into frame and merged all FX-like with this dude, andthen he was gone, much to the non-dismay of the three Charmed Ones (noidea how I know they are even called that), who were standing in frontof him looking bored, probably wondering which of their makeup lookedthe best. Usually Milano’s.

Must go single-digit a.m. surfing more often.