By Michael Slezak
March 21, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

True confessions time: I’m still six episodes behind on Men in Trees this season, and while I’ve not once considered flushing it from my overburdened DVR, I think I’ve subconsciously avoided a full commitment to the kicky Anne Heche dramedy for fear of its imminent cancellation. Well, now it looks like I’m gonna have to take the plunge (much like adorable Patrick and Annie), as ABC has made the surprising decision to include Men in its early pickup of 14 series (including Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty, and The Bachelor). Did ABC’s decision have anything to do with your impassioned pleas for a second season in our recent “bubble shows” PopWatch item? Or perhaps our own Mandi Bierly’s early devotion to the show? While there’s no evidence to support either theory, I’m choosing to believe it until proven otherwise. I’ll be cracking open a cheap bottled beer tonight to celebrate. Now, which show do we save next?