By Helin Jung
March 21, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Remember a few months back when Slezak fell in love with a determined little bird named Kiwi? It knocked the socks off a bunch of you and many others in the big ol’ web community. Kiwi, along with dozens of other popular videos, is up for a YouTube Video Award, in the category “Most Adorable.” Sure, there are other categories, like “Most Inspirational” and “Best Music Video,” and all of you can name your picks until this Friday, but those categories are a big quoi-ever for me: I’m in love with the category that’s “so cute it hurts.” It had me at the Cuppycake Song! (Okay, so I’m sucker for Cute Overload and all creatures with eyeballs that are way too big to be proportionate…) I still want to know — which category’s your fave? Which videos are your YouTube winners?