By Helin Jung
Updated August 03, 2020 at 08:12 PM EDT

At 12:53 a.m. on Tuesday the 20th, with the countdown to Pirates of theCaribbean: At World’s End trailer online premiere counter ticking 10 minutesand 15 seconds to go, I wondered how this was supposed to be March19th… I guess it’s still Monday west of EST? Lame. Where is trailer,Yahoo!? And why is your counter different from Disney’s? Why is itrunning backwards?

PopWatchers, I sat staring at decreasing (then, strangely, increasing) numbers late into the night sothat I could experience a few minutes of halting scenes from the thirdinstallment of the gigantor Disney franchise. A little anti-climactic,but still exciting. The “end of the world” waterfall, arctic waters,Chow Yun-Fat, Keira Knightley looking like a chimney sweep… looks good, but is it just me, or is Jack Sparrow getting a little tired? He’s starting to sound like that priest dude from Pride & Prejudice. I don’tactually remember a lot of what happened in Dead Man’s Chest; I justremember feeling pissed at the cliff-hanger ending/non-ending.

What doyou think, PopWatchers? Judging by the trailer, does this movie looklike a goodie? (I kind of miss the squid face, who’s only in a couple frames of this clip.) Are you guys stillexcited about POTC? Where’s my Larry King blurb?

UPDATE: Yahoo still has the exclusive HD version of the trailer, but Disney has made the standard version available for embedding on anyone’s website, as we’ve done below. (Take that, YouTube buccaneers!)