By Amy Ryan
Updated March 20, 2007 at 06:08 AM EDT

So what do Sandra Bullock, Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lopez, Moby, and Carlos Santana have in common? They’ve all had high-profile side gigs as restaurateurs. This week’s Premonition-timed People cover story on Bullock gives prominent play to Bess Bistro, her new European/Southern fusion eatery in Austin, Texas. De Niro is perhaps the most successful celebrity gastronome, as a partner in the upscale Nobu chain and other restaurants. Lopez opened Madre’s in Pasadena a few years back. Until recently, Moby was an owner of Teany’s, a downtown NYC cafe. And Santana recently announced plans to open Maria Maria, a chain of Mexican restaurants.

I especially enjoyed this week’s wrong answers. “All of them had parents who performed Opera,” wrote Wendy Swerdlow Pederson. (Really? Impressive!) “They’ve all got sweet asses,” asserted Stephanie Carney. (If you say so, Stephanie.) Faith Kurtyka claimed they’re all “hot, but married to ugly people!” Ouch!

This must have been a lot harder than last week’s quiz, as there were only about one-fifth as many correct guesses. Still, most of you who guessed got it right. Those of you who’ll be dining out on your victory for the next week are listed after the jump.

addCredit(“Sandra Bullock: Steve Granitz/”)

Elizabeth Banks
Adam Bonin
Christina Costello
Gila Drazen
Heather Fortney
Anne Francis
Cindy Fusco
Damon Johnson
Laura Kunkel
Shari Lampert
Bruce Lane
Adriana Lebron
Eliza McCall
Maria L. Price
Laura Renteria-Thomas
Lindsy Damico Serrano
Dan Stadnik
Jennifer Stark
Adam Sullens
Cherice Walker
Patrick A. Yearout

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