By Annie Barrett
Updated March 19, 2007 at 04:00 PM EDT

Is it too much to ask that we would please just like to watch one show at a time? REALLY, FOX? We’re only a few weeks into Idol, but I’m already as sick of their “Look at cast members from shows you’re not watching!” cuts as I was of George Lopez and Eva Longoria’s persistent existence on last season’s Dancing With the Stars. Two weeks ago, it was the cast of Bones. (Ha! Bones. Do you ever just say “Bones” really loudly and in a low voice, and then laugh because that’s the title of a show? I do.) Last week, Anita was like “How much longer do I have to keep smiling, Michael Rapaport?” and he was all “Now this is the life! I love being famous!” The only reason I am not completely dead inside right now is that really excited idiot to their right. That guy kind of rocks. Okay, back to dying.