By Jason Adams
Updated March 19, 2007 at 11:11 PM EDT

Last June, EW writer Scott Brown and I teamed up to write a story about trying to become viral video stars. We had an exciting and excellent video ready to unleash on the then-newish YouTube and Google Video worlds (remember how cute it was when they were two different companies?) — and then our lawyers told us to “forget it, Jacks.” So we made a second video that was, well, not bad. And then we — or should I say Becca, the mannequin star of our video “Cheater!” — receieved a note yesterday in our/her YouTube inbox:

Hey man, we’d love to show your “Cheater!” video on our show Monday (tomorrow) as part of our “YouTube Star of the Moment” segment. In the segment we show 3 YouTube videos and our audience votes for their favorite. The show is Attack of the Show! and it airs on G4TV at 7pm EST/PST.

Not bad? Not bad? Man, were we wrong! So please vote for us today! Right now!You know, as managing editor Jay Woodruff just pointed out, looks like there is something to this Long Tail theory after all. Thanks, Chris Anderson!