Red alert! Here's the first look at the poster for horror sequel ''28 Weeks Later''

By Nisha Gopalan
March 16, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

If the theme of 2003’s 28 Days Later was zombie-hastened annihilation, Spanish filmmaker Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s follow-up, as this ominous poster suggests, is about restoring order. Military order. The glitch: 28 weeks after the Days virus turned Brits into feral flesh-eaters, the U.S. Army — including a helicopter pilot played by Lost‘s Harold Perrineau — quarantines one last casualty, a woman (Catherine McCormack) who is infected with, yet curiously immune to, the ”rage” bug. ”The inspiration came from WWI and WWII propaganda posters,” explains Karen Crawford, senior VP of print advertising at Fox Atomic, who waves off any suggestion that the artwork nods to current military conflicts. ”We’re not making a political statement.”

TO HAVE AND HAZMAT The ”retro but futuristic” image of a gas-masked soldier ”feels stark and iconographic,” says Crawford. The style is borrowed from street artists like U.K. graffiti prankster Banksy and ”Obey Giant” guru Shepard Fairey.

SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW The red-and-white color scheme was a hand-me-down from its predecessor’s ad campaign, so Crawford’s crew corroded the bright red font to give the illusion that ”it had been weathered by the sun and rain.” Tacking on Days‘ recognizable biohazard logo, however, was a bigger concession. ”I’d like it to not have that logo,” Crawford admits. ”But, of course, this is a movie we’re advertising.”