The former ''90210'' star says her ''life is a reality show''


”Donna Martin graduates!” That phrase has followed the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress for years. ”People come up and say it probably every day,” she laughs. Recently she’s amended it to reflect a real-life milestone: ”Donna Martin procreates!” The mom, 33 — who gave birth to baby Liam on March 13 — and hubby Dean McDermott, 40, run a B&B in Fallbrook, Calif., that’s the subject of Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: Inn Love (debuts March 20). ”Why not let the cameras follow us?” says the daughter of late producer Aaron (The Love Boat, Charlie’s Angels). ”My life’s a reality show.”

1. If I could be in any band ever…
I’d want to be Susanna Hoffs in the Bangles, because I still, to this day, love them. If I ever get tipsy enough to do karaoke, I always sing ”Eternal Flame.”

2. In high school I was…
Hairy in a way that I just didn’t know how to pluck my eyebrows yet. And I had huge hair. I had a poodle ‘do.

3. Choose one: (A) The Love Boat
(B) Fantasy Island
The Love Boat. Those movie stars in their one-piece bathing suits! It seemed so fun.

(A) Rosie O’Donnell
(B) Star Jones
Star Jones. She’s super, super nice to me. I think she kind of got a bad rap.

4. Who would star in the movie of your life?
A really pretty drag queen. There’s this one called Suppositori Spelling. I love drag queens and they love me.

5. If you’re a fan of this, don’t talk to me:
Raisins!! I loathe them. Evil, little, ugly creatures. They ruin perfectly good salads. It makes me so angry when I see them.

6. Who was your first famous friend?
Tattoo from [her dad’s show] Fantasy Island. We were the same height then. He’d drive me around in a golf cart.

7. You’re stranded on a desert island and must resort to cannibalism. Who do you eat first?
(A) Jason Priestley
(B) Jennie Garth
(C) Luke Perry
(D) Shannen Doherty
I’d go with the sweetest one: Jennie Garth. Is that PC enough? [Laughs.] Luke’s too bony. He wouldn’t fill me up enough.

8. When’s the last time someone yelled at you?
It was probably a homeless person. They’re always screaming. I get so scared. Once I tried to give a woman a blanket because it was freezing and she was like, ”I’d rather have money!”

9. What’s your biggest extravagance?
My pug, Mimi, has a bigger wardrobe than I do. With the baby here, at least it’s a boy — she’ll know he can’t borrow her clothes.

10. Pick a Charlie’s Angel:
(A) Farrah Fawcett
(B) Kate Jackson
(C) Jaclyn Smith
(D) Cheryl Ladd
Cheryl Ladd. I would say to my dad, ”Can’t I just be Cheryl’s little sister?” Actually, it would be more like her daughter. I was, like, 5.