The former ''One Tree Hill'' cast member now stars in the ABC drama ''October Road''

By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated March 16, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT

The kid’s growing up! After roles as a high schooler (One Tree Hill) and Uma Thurman’s cradle robbee (Prime), Bryan Greenberg, 28, is finally acting his age in ABC’s October Road (Thursdays at 10 p.m.). He plays a 28-year-old writer who returns to his hometown after 10 years away — and after penning a too-honest best-seller based on his life there. Some of the series is even set to the soundtrack of Greenberg’s own acoustic-rock songs from his upcoming CD, Waiting for Now. Not a bad way to come into his own.

Greenberg kindly requests that you listen closely to the third episode’s opening montage ”I’m trying to get my album done and mixed and on iTunes in time for the show. I’m not signed, so it’s just with my own money and spit and glue that I’ve been trying to put this thing together between jobs.”

He will be satisfied even if the show isn’t a smash ”I’ve been recognized for doing a good job, but nothing’s been a huge box office success. I’m excited for the exposure I can get from television: 5 million viewers is not great in TV, but that would be, what, $50 million in movie tickets. A blockbuster!”

Art — or at least TV — does imitate life ”Last summer I went home for a wedding…. This couple taps me on the shoulder. They’ve got a Prime DVD: ‘Can you sign this for me?’ Like nothing’s changed but everything’s changed.”

So why watch October Road? ”This is my first interview about this show, so I haven’t perfected my sales pitch yet. The first time I read [the script] I felt that it was something I’d never read before, but it was strangely familiar. It feels like coming home. And people like that. I like that. Was that a good pitch?”