By Annie Barrett
Updated March 15, 2007 at 12:00 PM EDT

Or were we just spoiled by season 5? Hard to say. Lots of buzz around here (and when I say “buzz around here” it usually means “Slezak and I are IM-ing”) that people are just not havin’ it with Idol this time around. It’s clear on the message boards too — as the appropriately named reader Bored2Death pointed out this morning, “this is the weakest AI ever!!!! There is talent up there on the stage but NOTHING like in seasons past.” Four exclamation points indicates that Bored2Death means BUSINESS.

Now, I am by no means an Idol-through-the-years expert, but I am completely underwhelmed by this season. So what’s to blame? Song selection? Randy’s vocab? Commercialism (pictured) at all costs? Haley’s uncanny ability to remind us of the Lunesta butterfly? Will you be patient or ride it out or (gasp! but it might be okay, try it!) quit watching altogether? Which past seasons were your favorites and which did you find utterly ghaaaastly? Whoa, that was eight questions in a row. Do I really need to know all the answers right now?! Yes!