By Amy Ryan
Updated March 13, 2007 at 05:45 AM EDT

So, what do Anthrax, Genesis, Live, Midnight Oil, and R.E.M. have in common? Apparently, this wasn’t much of a HeadScratcher at all. Not just because more than 100 of you got it right, but also because the answer was bald lead singers. Scott Ian (Anthrax), Ed Kowalczyk (Live), Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil), and Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) are all known for their clean-shaven scalps; these days, Genesis’ Phil Collins, who didn’t have much hair to begin with, is shaving his scalp, too. This week’s quiz was inspired by such cueball-crooner current events as the Billboard album chart victory of Chris Daughtry (pictured), R.E.M.’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and whatever Britney Spears is up to now.

Readers who finessed this week’s follicular follies are listed after the jump.

Congratulations to Rob Alexander, Guy Allen, Tami Andrade, Scott Arthur, Tom Baker, David Baskind, Penny Batt, Jill Beasley, Jenn Behrens, Greg Bielecki, Jason Blanchette , Amanda Blum, Brian Boone, Renee Brinkley, Brian Brostek, John Brown, Mike Bradic, Jennifer Bryant, Shawn Burke, Stephanie Carney, Terri Cedro, Carl E. Cheely, Stephanie Clark, Dan Coffin, Michael Concepcion, Whitney Conn, Chris L. Connelly, Mike Crossman, Kim Debone, Lucy DelGaudio , Ken DeMoor, Kurt and Nicole Doll, Dan Dunford, Joe Ellis, Jon Emmerling, Heidi Fagerlund, Michial Farmer, Richard Fifield, Joel Fowler, Cindy Fusco, Hannah Frank, Robert Goldberg, Chris Grenier, Jeff Grissett, Lauren Harvey, Tim Heaney, Bruno Henrique, Madalyn Howitt, Andres Jaime, Melanie Jeanfils, Eric Kappel, Neil Kerr, Kathy Krell, Lorraine Kurata, Shane Kwinter, Kate Lacey, Jennifer Landsberg, Angel Leksche, Kenny Loeliger-Myers, Jay Lukes, Catherine McKinney, Adam Metzger, Lane Mikula, Nell Minow, Alex Miraski, Scott Moir, Liza Muftikian, Rich Mychajlowycz, Joe Nagy, David Naour, J. Ott, Jason Priest, Maria L. Price, Kevin Q, Eric Rangus, Elecon Reformado, Mary Beth Revesz, Rob Rios, Mari Roberson, Enrique Fernández Roberts, Ryan D. Robinson, Kate Royce, Peter Rybak, Jaret Schemerhorn, Jennifer A. Schuster, Angela Scollo, Barry Seetoo-Ronk, Lee Serota, Glenn Snow, Mindy Specht, Rob Thomas, Anne Towns, Adam Wanderman, Sande Wendt, Deborah Whitcomb, Annie Whitlock, Amy M. Williams, Don Willsey, Alex Wolf, Patrick A. Yearout, and Vanessa Yip.

Thanks for playing, everyone! Come back Friday for another HeadScratcher…