By Adam B. Vary
March 09, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Our weekly count of the epic battle between Randy Jackson’s (and, occasionally, Paula Abdul’s) verbal tics “dawg” and “pitchy” concludes…

Top 16: The Guys
Dawg — 4
Pitchy — 2

Top 16: The Gals
Dawg — 0
Pitchy — 3

Dawg — 25
Pitchy — 22

And so the winner for the semi-finals is: Dawg!

As we enter the Top 12, we’ll be resetting the count and starting over. Why? Well, PopWatchers, after reading your comments, it appears there are some knee-jerk statements that fall from judge Simon Cowell’s mouth that also get your respective goats, so we’ve decided to make this a three-way race. But which of Simon’s well-worn verbal tics to choose? That’s where you come in. Submit your most annoying statement from Simon — something easily and definitively countable, and frequent enough to give Dawg and Pitchy a run for their money — and we’ll include the consensus choice in our new competition. Because, if we’re being honest, if we’re not being rude, one million percent this will make the battle of the tired judge commentary a breath of fresh air. Or, er, something.