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By EW Staff
Updated March 09, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

Playing It Safe
A former Best Original Screenplay winner thinks The Queen is ”about a dull woman” and Pan’s Labyrinth is ”a children’s fantasy movie” (”Oscar’s Secret Ballots”)? No wonder many Hollywood movies are unimaginative. What did this dimwit win an Oscar for?
Maggie Harada
Woodinville, Wash.

Carried Away
Bravo for Carrie Fisher (The EW Pop Culture Personality Test). She is one of the very few Hollywood-scorched types that I would invite to my house for tuna casserole.
DB Harrison
Lexington, Mass.

Remembering Anna Nicole
Thank you, Mr. King, for your poignant essay on Anna Nicole Smith (The Pop of King). After the media blitz that was at times seemingly gleeful, the respect you show her is unparalleled. Maybe some tears will finally be shed over the tragedy that was her short life.
Danielle Adams
Corpus Christi, Tex.

Killer Instinct
I can’t believe I just read an article about the Hannibal Lecter movies (News & Notes) and not once did I see the words Anthony Hopkins. Did you forget him?
Brett Roth

Shut Up and Sing
Chris Daughtry lost American Idol not because of his voice, which is rich, intense, and enthralling, but because of his personality, which has none of the aforementioned traits (”The Anti-Idol”). If Daughtry weren’t so humorless, his career would most likely be on par with those of former Idol winners Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. Alas, earnestness and anger do not charisma make. Time for a smile, Chris. We want to like you.
Randall David Cook
New York City


Fueled by his obsession with The Shining and its director, Stanley Kubrick, Mark Steensland of Erie, Pa., trekked to Oregon’s Timberline Lodge (used for the film’s exterior shots), and stayed there on the night of July 4, 2001 — which was no accident. The vacay combined ”the date of the July 4th ball from the photo at the end of the movie” and the year of ”that ‘other’ Kubrick movie.” Okay, Mark, you’re an OFOTW!