By Annie Barrett
Updated March 09, 2007 at 08:27 PM EST

One of my favorite sites, the Phat Phree, posted this ingenious compilation of The 50 Greatest Local TV Commercials. You cannot dream up a better way to spend an hour. Let us pause, sit quietly at our desks, and think really hard about how much we love YouTube. (Okay, I’m done).

This list is amazing. I like how they made sure to represent the whole country — in fact, the first thought that came to mind when I saw the headline was “It must be Eagle Man!” and then lo and behold, Chicago’s Eagle Auto Insurance clocked in at an impressive No. 7. We also dug the ad for a restaurant called Delicious Tamales, in which two delicious tamales named Paco and Lola (pictured) go through their own version of Sebastian-in-The Little Mermaid’s greedy hungry people hell. I also warmed to the Auto Connection (No. 36, huh?), the full-length rap video for Flea Market Montgomery (No. 10), and the stonerrific Luciano’s Pizza (No. 32), just for that guy in the middle of the couch who doesn’t move the entire time. So take a load off — the week’s almost over. How many of these clips do you recognize?