By Joshua Rich
Updated March 08, 2007 at 04:00 PM EST

Morning debate time, PopWatchers — and may the winner be left in tears! I’m talking, of course, about this horribly misguided list of male weepies that Today put together and posted on According to the author, these are the seven films that most reliably make men tear up: Dead Poets Society, Gladiator, Legends of the Fall, The Notebook, Rudy, Saving Private Ryan, and Titanic.

Man, oh, man, I’m gonna cry. Where do I begin? Okay, Saving Private Ryan and Rudy — sure, I’ll buy those. My most embarrassing moviegoing moment ever was when I was left a blubbering mess in my mommy’s arms (at, ahem, age 22) after Tom Hanks died in Steven Spielberg’s WWII epic. And I can’t even think about little, five-foot-nothin’, a hundred-and-nothin’ Sean Astin (pictured) and Jerry Goldsmith’s swelling music in Rudy without getting all verklempt. But come on: The Notebook? That’s not a guy flick. During Brad Pitt’s fatal wrestling match with a bear in Legends, aren’t you rooting for the bear? And Titanic? Sure, I cry… every time I hear that damn Celine Dion song!

Where are Field of Dreams, Rocky, Schindler’s List, The Deer Hunter, Jerry Maguire, The Champ, Glory, It’s a Wonderful Life, Longtime Companion, or — I mean, DUH! — BRIAN’S SONG? (Note how many of these movies have to do with sports.) What else is missing, my dear homeboys in Kleenex?

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