By Joshua Rich
Updated March 08, 2007 at 05:14 AM EST
Pierce Brosnan: Mike Guastella/; Meryl Streep: David Lodge/

James Bond sings! Pierce Brosnan is “in final negotiations” to star as one of the would-be daddies in the film adaptation of ABBA’s hit Broadway musical, Mamma Mia! (Consider that last exclamation point both Mia‘s and mine.) He’ll appear alongside Meryl Streep and Big Love/Mean Girls scene-stealer Amanda Seyfried in the movie, which is due to start shooting in Europe this summer! Man, this is so rich, I could end this post right here!

But not before asking what you think, PopWatchers. After all, Brosnan hasn’t had much of an opportunity to exercise his vocal chords onscreen (the closest he’s come was warbling a few pub ditties in that sweet Irish fable Evelyn a few years back), but the 53-year-old star told Variety that he’s looking forward to it: “What a kick in the pants, to be able to go off and spend time with Meryl on some Greek island, singing ABBA songs.” Moreover, I’ve made no secret on this here website of my respect for his talents and résumé: Brosnan may be best known for 007 and Remington Steele, but he remains a classically trained actor who has proven himself capable of doing so much more than the spy thing, via films like The Matador and the recent Seraphim Falls. Think he can make it as a dancing king, too?

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