Have trouble keeping up with nightlife in your nabe? Look no further than iConcertCal! Plus: No more bruised knees on JetBlue flights, that insanely detailed Honda ''cogs'' commercial, and more

By Wook Kim
March 07, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

If you: (1) love music, (2) own an iPod, and (3) still go to concerts, then you will probably find iConcertCal indispensable. This free — that’s right, free! — iPod plug-in will scan the bands listed in your iTunes, look for matches in its database of concerts planned for your city or town (established by your IP address), and generate a calendar of upcoming shows, displaying both the date and the venue. It’s absolutely easy to use — by enabling my iTunes’ ”visualizer” feature, I was able to see that Beach House, The Books, M. Ward, Yo La Tengo, and Beirut will all be visiting New York over the next two months. Let’s quickly review why you should install this nifty plug-in: It’s handy. It’s easy to download. It’s easy to use. And… IT”S FREE!!!

The otherwise laudable Customer Bill of Rights implemented by discount carrier JetBlue, failed to include a provision protecting passengers from intrusive seatbacks of the callous rough riders seated directly in front of them. To protect your own bit of precious airspace, we suggest the Knee Defender, a clever pocket-size contraption that limits the recline angle of any commercial airline seat. And in case you’re wondering, the $14.95 device is compliant with FAA rules and regulations.

Let’s revisit the classic Honda ”cogs” commercial — the famous 2003 spot that utilized parts cannibalized from a Honda Accord in two minutes of Rube Goldberg-inspired brilliance. And while we’re at it, let’s take some time to admire the hard work that went into making this bit of old-fashioned (and and almost completely non-CGI) magic.

In this week’s bit of Flash fun, Mr. Potato Head meets Pablo Picasso. We present Mr. Picasso Head.

And, last but not least, the derring-do of one Mr. Jet-Man.