We chat with the ''For Your Consideration'' star at The Film Independent's Spirit Awards

By EW Staff
Updated March 02, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

EW: So how’s it feel to be a nominee for playing someone who wants to be a nominee?

O’HARA: It’s a joke! It’s all a cruel joke! [The awards have] got a real black sense of humor here. They’re sucking me in right to the end! But it’s okay. I’m honored!

EW: Are you feeling independent and spirited?

O’HARA: Very independent. I don’t even want to win! That’s how independent I am!

EW: Will you be partaking of any spirits at the Spirits?

O’HARA: Probably wine — the safest. I used to be able to mix when I was younger, have a little cocktail, have a glass of wine later. One of each now is, like, alcohol poisoning for two days.