By Mandi Bierly
Updated March 02, 2007 at 08:26 PM EST

According to Variety, ABC is developing a sitcom pilot based on Geico’s Caveman: “Cavemen will revolve around three pre-historic men who must battle prejudice as they attempt to live as normal thirtysomethings in modern Atlanta.” Okay, let me break this down:

A) The Geico ads work because they’re a wry, unexpected, 30-second delight. How do you maintain that for 22 minutes (and with a laugh track)?

B) As Variety points out, this kind of commerical-to-sitcom move is not without precedence: “The 2002 CBS comedy Baby Bob revolved around a talking baby character that was first seen in a series of ads.” But does anyone really want to follow in the footsteps of Baby Bob?

C) If this pilot must be made, I at least hope they cast Talia Shire as their therapist. (“My mother’s calling. I’ll put it on speaker.” Gets me every time.)