By EW Staff
Updated March 01, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Queen and David Bowie pulled it off flawlessly. So did Sonny and Cher. Heck, even Brandy and Monica served up one of 1998’s biggest hits with “The Boy Is Mine.” So why is it that when wriggling one-named superstars Beyoncé and Shakira teamed up for “Beautiful Liar,” a track and video that premiered on TRL yesterday, the results are strangely… underwhelming? These two talents clearly know how to make pop hits (after all, they were responsible two of my favorite — if insanely overplayed — pop singles of 2006), but the repetitive song strips the ladies of their sass.

And while I’m sure the song will eventually grow on me, the biggest turnoff to this duet is the video. With a budget looks like it amounted to $13 total, the clip takes two gorgeous women and throws them into a lookalike cheesefest, complete with early-90s production values and backgrounds that look like Top Model rejects. Seriously, ladies, at the very least, couldn’t you have ditched the smoke machine?

Which got me to thinking… what have been some other disastrous orridiculous musical pairings? History would point us toward the hammyvideo of Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s “Say Say Say,” and the awkward juxtaposition of Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias on “Could I Have This Kiss Forever“(watch as Whitney hisses in Spanish in the background). Britney andMadonna’s “Me Against the Music” was flat and digitized as a song, butthe playful video thankfully gave us something fun to look at.

So what do you think, PopWatchers? Do you like watching Beyoncé andShakira writhe around in “Beautiful Liar”? Am I the only one who can’ttell them apart in certain frames? And most importantly, what are yourpicks for the worst musical duets/video pairings of all time? (No,anything that appeared on Celebrity Duets doesn’t count.)