By Helin Jung
February 28, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

NBC announced today that Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham will be starring in a reality show set to debut this summer. The news pleases me to no end, because said show will no doubt be awesome! Vix and her husband, soccer star David Beckham, have recently relocated to Los Angeles, and the six-episode series, which will be produced by Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment, will be a “fascinating personal view of what being ‘Posh’ truly represents.”

Most Americans probably remember the Spice Girls (who were managed by Fuller before he launched the worldwide Idol franchise) and vaguely recall that Posh was the one with the bob cut, little black dress, and super-serious face. Her super-serious face hasn’t changed (judging by this photo, taken yesterday as she shopped for groceries in Beverly Hills); actually, it’s gotten more serious. That face, with its frozen pout, and those skinny, skinny legs are pretty much all we ever see here, so… you all must be wondering, as senior writer Gary Susman did, how a reality show about some British “has-been” could be of any interest to American audiences. Does the pout actually speak? What exactly is her purpose in life? What is she like, on the inside?

To partially answer these questions, I provide you with the following links:

Vix gets interviewed by pint-sized Ant and Dec.
The Beckhams get grilled by Ali G.
• Posh has a website, which includes such gems as “news,” a “blog,” and “vbtv” (29 September is a must see).

I know I’ll be watching this summer, but will you be there with me, PopWatchers?

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