By Annie Barrett
Updated February 23, 2007 at 04:00 PM EST

Maybe you’re tired of reading about the Oscars by now. Did you guys know the Oscars are Sunday, by the way? That’s really soon. Anyway, take a breather and check out Radar Online’s compilation of The Ugliest Awards in the World. Some of them are pretty awful, though I do like Germany’s International High Rise Award because it’s just an annoying stack of paper, which reminds me of basically anywhere I sit. Way to bring it down to my level, Germany! Our pick for the truly most hideous statue is Chicago’s International Documentary Award (pictured). What is inside there, in the middle of the cone? Spiderweb? Dusty oil painting? Dreams? Plain gold Mr. Oscar Man is looking pretty sharp right now.

If I had to design my own award for general excellence, it would be a platter of nachos composed of sand dollars, thick-cut gemstones, and twinkling sequins for where the light hits the chili. And then a dollop of real guacamole on top, just to mess with people. What about you?