By Annie Barrett
Updated February 23, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

I cried… let’s just say “numerous” times during the last O.C. ever. Opening titles. Seth’s childhood growth chart that the midwife and wedding planner (whoa, convenient) thought were termites. Sophie Cohen. The Marissa locket. Flapjacks. Summer’s final “Ew!” regarding Taylor’s blog. The G.E.O.R.G.E. bus pulling away, which led into AN ENTIRE SCENE ABOUT THE BAGEL SLICER in which Sandy and Kirsten treated it like a member of the family, which it was, OH MY GOD. At that point, I progressed into a flailing combination of sobs, giggles, and awe. I was a total mess. There was so much couch-writhing I think I even turned a somersault. It was unattractive.

Then there were the last few minutes or so of just absolute O.C. perfection, from the moment Kirsten called out “It’s time to go!” and Sandy said “Yep.” Oh, hey, my own tears, I’d really missed you for the last 45 seconds. Glad you’re back. Cue the best Seth-Ryan moment ever, in which they consummated their blood-brotherly love with a real hug! And then they couldn’t stop grinning about each other, but to themselves, if that makes any sense. I watched it 14 times so I know exactly what I’m talking about, obviously.

Ryan walking through the empty Cohen house made me break down thehardest. Each new room triggered a different scene from the firstepisodes of the series. That, plus the way the house resembled season1’s model home, made it seem like the whole story was starting over. Iprobably melted the most right after the shot of Sandy and Kirstensaying Ryan would be staying with them for awhile cut to present-dayRyan, launching a meaningful power-glare towards the kitchen. Even hehad a tear. How could you not?

And the song hadn’t even begun! The last and best-ever montage showed the future versions of everyone. Summer tookactivism a little too far and wore peace-sign earrings. Seth had abedroom. Sandy became a law professor, which is so perfect because itwas either that or surf instructor and I suppose his undying work ethictranslates better in the classroom. Kaitlin and (Team) Julie went tocollege! Summer and Seth got married, and Ryan wore a yarmulke (of thenon-“claus” variety). Sophie and the adorable Little Boy Coop lookedjust like Kiki and JuJu. And, like the series, the entire song openedand closed on Ryan. This time, instead of pairing up with Sandy,Architectural Ryan noticed a kid in bad shape and became Sandy. You couldn’t ask for a better parting shot.

“Hey, kid. Need any help?”