By Mandi Bierly
Updated February 23, 2007 at 09:34 PM EST

It’s rare that a movie project sounds this wrong. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Barry Levinson has signed on to direct Larry McMurtry’s Western Boone’s Lick, starring Tom Hanks and Julianne Moore. The long-gestating project centers on a headstrong woman (Moore) who drags her family on a rickety wagon from Boone’s Lick, Mo., to the Wyoming fort where her husband lives. Her brother-in-law (Hanks) escorts her on the dangerous journey and along the way falls in love with her.”

So let’s recap: it’s a Tom Hanks western, an outdoorsy and sunlit movie costarring palest-woman-on-the-planet Julianne Moore, directed by Barry (Man of the Year) Levinson, with the word “Lick” in the title. Even if it’s written by Brokeback Mountain duo McMurtry and Diana Ossana, we’re not quite buyin’ it. What do you say — congratulations to the stars and director for stretching, or condolences to Universal, the studio that will have to try to release this?