Feedback from our readers -- Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
Updated February 23, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

Cover Delights
Justin Timberlake is my guilty pleasure and I’m proud to say so! Thank you for the very life-size close-up.
Michelle Delgado
Simi Valley, Calif.

I sighed with disappointment when I saw that Justin Timberlake was on your cover. Desperate for reading material, I reluctantly delved into Clark Collis’ story (”Sexy Beast”) only to find that I actually enjoyed learning more about Timberlake and his work. Thanks, EW, for helping me see why and how this talented ”kid” brought sexy back.
Alice P. Drake
Milford, Ohio

No More Sophie’s Choice
I read ”How to Create Your Perfect Week of TV” and had to laugh (Television). Why should I have to choose between shows to record and watch in the 21st century? I have two DVRs, three computers, and two iPods. That means I can record and watch the programs you recommended (and many you left out), plus all of the daytime soaps…and never have to watch another commercial again. And if I miss anything, I can download it from iTunes or rent it via Netflix. Why should I have to choose? Why should anyone?
Suzanne Lanoue
Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Bad TV ‘Rules’
Kudos to Gillian Flynn, not just for perfectly summarizing the monotony of single-life-versus-marriage comedies (Television) but also for the line ”David Spade pops up like a rangy meerkat….” I laughed out loud.
Chris Hill

Oscar Grouches
Your acknowledgment of the work overlooked by the Academy was consolation for me (Must List). James McAvoy’s performance in The Last King of Scotland was underrated.
Lloyd Kinlaw
Longview, Tex.


Steven Kirk of Eagle Rock, Calif., has dedicated tons of living space — and some big life moments — to his Man of Steel love. ”My home is filled, ceiling to floor, with Superman,” writes Kirk, who bravely sported spandex to propose to his wife ”in the red, blue, and yellow suit.” But the ultimate sign of his devotion? Kirk and his wife named their kids ”Lois (as in Lane) and Christopher (as in Reeve).” At least they didn’t go with Kal-el.