Beyonce and J.Lo's new spanish-language singles -- We rate the two divas' upcoming Latin Market releases

By Nuria Net
February 23, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

Beyonce and J.Lo’s new spanish-language singles

J. Lo and Beyoncé have both cannily embraced the lucrative Latin market with new singles en español. How do las divas compare?

Beyoncé ”Imprescindible” (translation: ”Indispensable,” from B’Day Special Edition, due April 3). Latin Super-Producer Rudy Perez (Christina Aguilera).
Dramatic Reading ”Pobre de ti, lárgate, me das asco.” (”You poor thing, get out of here, you disgust me.”)
Latin Cred Beyoncé, who recorded the ”Irreplaceable” remake phonetically, was born and raised in Hispanic-heavy Houston. ”Amor Gitano,” one of five other Spanish tracks on the reissued B’Day, debuted on Telemundo’s Zorro series.
The Bottom Line Beyoncé nails the pronunciation on her crossover hit — more lilting and vulnerable than past singles — and little of the original’s power is lost in translation. But the dubbing in the video is distracting. B+

Jennifer Lopez’s ”Qué Hiciste”
(translation: ”What Did You Do,” from her all-Spanish album, Como Ama Una Mujer [How a Woman Loves]), due March 27. Latin Super-Producer Julio Reyes (Ricky Martin, Chayanne).
Dramatic Reading ”Hoy empañaste con tu furia mi mirada.” (”Today you tarnished my gaze with your fury.”)
Latin Cred The Bronx native, who regularly voices pride in her Puerto Rican roots, speaks Spanish fluently and is married to ”Qué Hiciste” co-producer/Latin sensation Marc Anthony.
The Bottom Line J. Lo’s heated telenovela-like ballad, with its dramatic bursts of gypsy rock, feels more auténtica than Beyoncé’s, but it also feels more generic. B