By Melissa Rose Bernardo
February 22, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

Wondering what to bring to your Oscar potluck? Milk duds and microwave popcorn are so 2006, dude. Have you considered Oscar nominee cookies? That’s right — tasty sugary-frosted treats (honest! We tried them ourselves!) emblazoned with incredible likenesses of Leonardo DiCaprio, Penélope Cruz, and all their fellow Best Actor and Best Actress contenders. (For the record: At the EW offices, the Kate Winslet and Ryan Gosling cookies were gobbled up the fastest.) And if you think there’s something a bit creepy about taking a bite out of Peter O’Toole, go for the Best Picture collection. Note the Little Miss Sunshine swimsuit, the Queen‘s crown, the Iwo Jima letter, The Departed‘s headstone… and the towering Babel B-A-B-E-L biscuit. Apparently even the creative folks at Eleni’s bakery didn’t know what to do with that one.