By EW Staff
Updated February 21, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

They’re ready to mingle with your earbuds, but they never said exclusively. Two of my current favorite acts have released singles from their highly anticipated releases and I thought I would share the goodness with all of you PopWatchers.

If you do in fact find yourself whistling while you work away in your cube to these lovely tunes on this Day We Liken to a Hump, I just want to say, “You’re welcome,” in advance.

“My Moon My Man” by Feist
I don’t know why, but this song sounds like it should be a clever crime sleuth’s slinky theme song, but you know, it’d have to be a cool crime sleuth, like uh… Veronica Mars! (Didn’t last night’s ep rock? Anyway.) I do know that Ms. Leslie Feist (pictured) sounds simply divine on this track. It’s enough to keep me satisfied until her new album The Reminder comes out May 1.

“23” by Blonde Redhead
It’s been too long since Blonde Redhead’s last album, Misery Is Butterfly, so my ears instantly perked up when I learned that not one, but two! (Two!) new songs by the former art-school trio had surfaced in the blogosphere recently. My early favorite is ”23,” with its wall of distorted guitars that crash into Kazu Makino’s layered vocals ever so befittingly. Blonde Redhead’s new album, 23 will be released on April 10.

Are you excited about any other upcoming music releases?