By Annie Barrett
Updated February 20, 2007 at 04:00 PM EST

After randomly breaking into my spot-on impression of Sesame Street‘s The Count (“I loooove to count! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”) during a very silly Thursday night, I spent a lot of time hunting for vintage Count videos on YouTube. Here’s a “wonderful” one about mail. And here’s one in Dutch. But the greatest clip I found — and have now watched well over 40 times — is the aptly titled “How Crayons Are Made.” It was produced at some point in the ’70s but recurred on the show well through the mid-’80s. The entire two minutes have been playing, in blurry (but definitely orange) snippets, in my brain for 20 years. It’s soooo good to have you back, crayons video. And nice to know I’m not totally insane.

You can’t even pick a favorite part. Terrifying closeup of the little girl? Old-woman factory mules lifting hundreds of crayons at a time? I think I’m most impressed by the music, and how the resounding four-note riff comes at two distinct and pivotal moments: hardened wax rising from the grid and crayons getting boxed! And the question that had to be on every kid’s mind: Orange?

Who else remembers this?!