If you count the 900+ posts on our Vol. 2 call for the TV moments that made you cry — and clearly, we did — you’ve proven you’re an empathetic people, PopWatchers. But are you humble and willing to admit when you’re wrong? Here are a few statements I’ve made over the years that I’d like to take back:

– “Joe Versus the Volcano is the worst movie ever.” I said it when I saw it theaters in 1990, but I’ve since enjoyed it on cable. Many times.

– “‘Hot in Herre’ is stupid.” The first time I heard the Nelly track, it was on the radio and I came in mid-chorus. Not ideal. After a friend forced me to listen to the song in its entirety, I finally got it. (Note: No one’s made me sit through “My Humps,” so that statement stands.)

– “I’m not attracted to Johnathon Schaech.” The guy’s always been hot, but he’s never shown a sense of humor. After catching his sex scenes his recent Lifetime movie Nora Roberts’ Angels Fall (pictured) with Heather Locklear, I realize he doesn’t need one. And that I’m renting Road House 2 this weekend.

– “I don’t watch Boston Legal.” How did it take my mother raving about James Spader and William Shatner to get me to give this show a chance after three seasons? Fortunately, she’s already gotten me into Brothers & Sisters.

Your turn.

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