By Annie Barrett
Updated February 16, 2007 at 12:00 PM EST

There are no zombies, silly! But that doesn’t mean Taylor and Summer (pictured, freaking) shouldn’t be afraid of them. Dear Marissa Cooper’s handbag collection in heaven, I adored this second-to-last-ever episode. The details (Taylor’s gun-toting acrobatics), the inside jokes (“Night Moves,” Sadie vs. Lindsay, how much Johnny sucked, Ryan-Seth body swap could have saved the show, etc.), and chunks upon chunks of exquisite Seth-Ryan dialogue… I was a grinning idiot.

I must have played minutes 52 and 53, wherein Ryan intuits “thank you” to Seth without really saying it, because blood brothers (!!!) are bonded by a deep understanding and don’t need to verbalize such things, at least 10 times. I’m sure there’s nitpicky stuff to say; I just don’t feel like doin’ it. Some things about last night I loved the most:

  • A lot of scenes made the ep feel more like a thoughtfully shotsuspense movie. There were those The Birds-esque sound effects (wind,waves) instead of music that began most of the segments, not to mentionthe lone pelican perched eerily amidst the rubble of Casa Cohen. Did Ijust compare Josh Schwartz to Hitchcock? Totally!
  • Gold Medal Ribbon! I loved how the ice cream store wasn’tspecifically Baskin-Robbins, but Kaitlin used a BR-like hot pink spoonanyway.
  • Is that Marissa in the attic? No, it’s just Dr. Roberts’ oldskeleton from med school. I want to hug whoever came up with the name”Uncle Alistair.” So choice.
  • Stricken Sandy in the hospital. Awww. Crisis Sandy, I’ll admit, wasa little over-the-top — I’d much rather listen to him preach to a fewfam members in the kitchen than organize a mob of dimwitted Newpsieearthquake survivors. Let ’em rot!
  • The thought of never watching Sandy make an earnest point about schmearing ever again just made me shiver.
  • :*-(
  • Kaitlin clipping Frank’s hair with Julie’s previously mentioned nail scissors while walking out of the hospital! Ew, Frank, I know — but so cute.
  • Darryl, acquiring a $70,000 car and immediately taking a nap init. The pounding guitar chords during his section of the music montagemade his dive into the trunk even more rock star-like.

I can’t go on naming every single high point, so drop a few of yourown in the comments. And let’s get nostalgic — what would you pick asyour favorite O.C. moment… ever?