The biggest upcoming projects in entertainment

By Adam B. Vary
Updated February 16, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST

+ Fox has landed the Kelsey Grammer-Patricia Heaton comedy Action News, from Steven Levitan (Just Shoot Me) and Christopher Lloyd (Frasier). The stars play local news anchors who, says Lloyd, ”have wonderful chemistry on air but butt heads off camera.” Fred Willard (Best in Show) is in talks to be — what else? — the venerable sportscaster. Notes Levitan: ”[It’s] this funny world where vanity meets altruism.”

+ Lucy Lawless will take on the role of ruthless diva Tanya in the Bryan Singer-directed ABC pilot Football Wives (based on the British soap). ”I don’t intend to be the next Joan Collins,” Lawless says. ”I liken [Tanya] more to Tony Soprano in Manolos. I am looking for the frailty that allows this woman to do these terrible things, rather than ba-dum-bum-ching! — here’s another outrageous moment.”

+ Former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter will appear April 12 on The CW’s Smallville as the mysterious mom of intrepid reporter Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack).